Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Throughout the project my ideas have changed. Originally I started by looking at the five senses and everyday life such as routines and diet. From here I moved onto the human body and showing the inside on the outside. By doing this it creates an in-between state due to the internal organs and or bones shown on the body. 

Catherine Ulitsky was one of the first photographers I looked into in this project and was the reason I started to play around with string, rope and thread. She used thread in a three-dimensional way which illustrated clearly the aspect of space and confinement. The photographer that inspired my final idea and my piece the most is Patrick Hickley. I really liked the concept that was shown through his work and the use of thread to delicately illustrate the internal parts of the body. Both photographers link well together through the use of thread and had a big impact on me near the beginning of the project which stuck with me through to the end.

Through experimentation during this project, I was able to narrow down the use if techniques and materials I wanted to do for my final piece. For example, I ruled out paint due to the fact that when watered down it would not stick to the photographic paper well. Stitching and cutting up my photographs added a more textured effect to my images which I rather liked; especially as I wanted to show the inside on the outside.

I liked the exam theme as it was and is very open allowing loads of different themes within the theme enabling us to think in various different directions. I enjoyed completing experiments to see the different effects and textures I could create on my images. I think I will be pleased with my final outcome bar the number of stitched photographs I will be able to produce due to the length of time it takes to stitch an image.