Thursday, 26 July 2012

Photoshop Solarisation

After doing solarisation in the darkroom, I wanted to see what effect I could achieve on my images using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Firstly, I dragged my image into Photoshop.
  • I then clicked 'layer' to bring a drop down menu and clicked 'new adjustment layer' and then selected 'black & white'.
  • Clicking 'layer' again to bring the same drop down menu, I clicked 'new adjustment layer' but this time selected 'curves'.
  • This makes a box appear like the one I screen shot below.

  • By holding the 'shift' key down, using the pencil tool, click the bottom left corner making sure both 'Output' and 'Input' are at '0', draw an upside-down 'V' like my screen shot below.

  • I then clicked 'layer' again and then 'new adjustment layer' and clicked 'curves' again.
  • The same box appeared but this time I clicked the curve tool and clicked below the ascending line at two points to make the image darker. Like the screen shot below.

  • Finally, I used the dodge and burn tool to adjust the light and dark sections of my image. The dodge tool lightened the parts of the image that I wanted to be brighter, and the burn tool darkened the parts of the image that I wanted to be darker.

Below I have uploaded the original photograph, the black and white photograph and the edited photograph so the difference can be seen.

Graffiti in Brighton