Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Still Life - SLR Camera

 Using my SLR Camera, I have taken still life photographs relating to light. White card was used as the background and base for the objects so no other objects that could cause distraction where caught in the photographs. Throughout the process of taking the photographs, the light source was being moved around so that shadows were created from various directions and so the light was bouncing off of the more 'shinny' objects, alongside this, the objects were being moved around in order to have a more diverse range of photographs.
Once the film had been processed and developed in the dark room, I scanned the photographs onto a computer so that they could be up loaded to my blog.

This is my test strip of my contact sheet.

Every time a roll of film is used, before enlarging the images  individually or making a contact sheet, a test strip of the contact sheet must be made in order to know the correct settings on the enlarger.

This is my contact sheet for the still life photographs.
Below are my photographs of the still life photo-set taken on my SLR Camera.

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