Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lauren Baker Analysis

Lauren Baker

Since 2008, Lauren Baker has been a professional artist, winning the UK Bodypainting championship and a finalist in the World Bodypainting championships in Austria. Prior to being a make up artist and body painter, Lauren Baker forged a career as a successful portrait artist.

This picture was found on Lauren Baker's website under the group of 'Bodypaint'. You can see that the focus of this image is that of the woman's back that has been painted decoratively. The design on her back is of thin vines / stems with small leaves on them. In-amongst the leaves there can be spotted small flowers dotted around. Also a few small bugs / flies can be seen along with four beetles, one looking like a scarab beetle and a butterfly. Her hair has been stylised so that it is not covering her face which has some make up on matching the design on her back, bluey green eye-shadow to link to the leaves and beetles and pink lipstick to bring attention to the face.

I was not able to find a meaning to this photograph, but my initial thought is that there is a definite link to nature and life. Perhaps it was painted to remind people that even though bugs, beetles and plants are seen as rather inferior to humans, they are still living things and should be respected any possibly even cherished as they are not the most common sightings when it comes to looking at nature. I also feel that this photograph shows that painting on the body whether permanently or not is a natural human thing to do. After all, there has been historical recordings of not only war paint but ceremonial paint / tattoos which can still be seen in some parts of the world. Perhaps this is a statement against those who are against people getting tattoos, painting their body and maybe even wearing make up.

I really like the work Jane Baker has painted on this woman's back, as I have a love for the natural world this specific piece is very close to my heart. I am also a fan of body paint and tattoos so this image helps to advertise the beauty of the art. The plain grey background helps to give all focus to her back.

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