Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Patrick Hickley

Patrick Hickley

These images were taken from the series titled 'Complex Structures' which consisted of photographs taken of sections of the human body. Hickley then sowed into the photographs, some of the stitching representing veins and arteries, organs and the human skeleton. I find his work interesting as his photographs for this series are produced in tones of blues and white and the colour of the thread is consistently red making it easily visible and contrasting to the image below. His stitching shows quite accurately, one internal aspect of the human body in each image, bringing focus to the image and combining science with art in a visually creative way.

The detail of the stitching is high as you can see that Hickley took into consideration that the neck was turned to the side and almost pulling on the skin. The curves and direction in the stitch follows the curve of the neck and the smaller vessels have been stitched in a way that you would expect them to expand and flow in various directions.

This image is my favourite from this series of images. I think what attracts me most to it is the contrast of the ribcage to the photograph of the male torso. Although the rib cage is always there it cannot be seen outside therefore creating 

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  1. yes! This would be a very good idea - lovely find.