Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Experiment of Catherine Ulitsky

After looking at Catherine Ulitsky, I really wanted to create a similar effect that she achieved except blocking off an area that would make it near impossible to move around in or even get into. I started off at the other end of the kitchen and tied the end of string to the back of the radiator. I then began to wrap the string around random objects in the kitchen that were not going to move if pulled. After doing this a few times I wrapped the string around more less static objects; i.e. plant pots, and then more secure objects such as the handles to the draws. Once I was happy enough to think I had finished, I tied the end of the string to another handle. I decided to leave it up a while even after I had photographed it to see the reaction of my mother when she opens the kitchen door...

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  1. From our space/thread/entrapment of mum photographs this exhibition would be good to go see over the Easter Holidays http://www.southlondongallery.org/page/144/Pae-White-Too-much-night-again/826 connection with your use of thread!