Sunday, 5 February 2012

Light Drawings Using Glow Doodle

Using the site Glow Doodle, I created my first light drawings. Glow Doodle connects to your computer webcam and slows down the image that it is recording, just like slowing down the shutter speed on a camera to create light drawings. To obtain the images I had created, Glow Doodle requires people to upload their light drawings onto their site. To avoid this, I quickly took 'screen shots' after I was happy with each drawing and then cropped them down to just the light drawing themselves.
To make the light coloured, as I was using a torch which produced white light, I placed different coloured tissue paper over the bulb of the torch so that when the light shined out, the light would be the colour of the tissue paper.

I thought it was appropriate to use green for the peace sign.
I experimented with the torch underneath my face in different positions with different coloured lights to see what effect it created.
What more to create?
Using the orange tissue paper over my torch, I drew a star in the air as stars are a form of light that we see at night, and very occasionally during the day.

This was my attempt at a palm tree.
Two coloured love heart.
I created this by covering one torch with red tissue paper and another torch with green tissue paper, and used both my hands at the same time to create the heart.
This was my attempt at drawing an embryo as its life is guarded  intently by its parents and when it is born, the parents' life is focussed fully around it, like our life is focused around the sun. Our light.
This was me experimenting with holding different colours under my face for an eerie effect.
I think it worked rather well.

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