Monday, 6 February 2012

Still Life - Candles

I took a selection of still life photographs of candles as candle light many, many years ago used to be our only source of light indoors; and is still used today as decorations and for religious purposes. I took these photographs in the evening so that it was fully dark in the room with only the flame producing light.

This was the first photograph I took of that candle. I decided to take a front view of the candle as base point to see how the lighting came out on my digital camera before I tried different angles.
I took this image slightly off focus to try and add an effect of heat to the photograph that you would feel if you placed your hand near to the candle.
I really like this close up as I feel that it catches the essence of the candle and the heat of the flame that is causing the wax to melt around the wick.
This photograph shows a nice side profile of the candle and how the flame illuminates even the base of the candle.
This photograph caught the glow of the naked flame the best as the candle seems to be 'glowing' a bit more than the other photographs.

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