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Patrick Rochon Analysis

Patrick Rochon Analysis - SUPERNOVAE – Fashion Through the Eye of Light
Patrick Rochon is a light painter. Since 1992, he has been painting with light in photographs, videos and even live performances. With over 19 years of experience, Patrick Rochon has produced light painting photography for numerous rock and fashion magazines, CD jackets, DVDs, posters and various other promotional material. Patrick Rochon is also the first prize winner at the Nikon photo contest in Japan. ‘My work is about the movement of light cumulating through time and space. My mission is to get the greater public to know what light painting is, and for it to be recognized worldwide as a form of art.’ – Patrick Rochon.

The photograph I am looking at is in the collection titled: SUPERNOVAE – Fashion Through the Eye of Light. The original background colour is unclear by just looking at the photograph, as it is a combination of reds, light and dark purples and hues of oranges to yellows. In the centre of this photograph you can see a model in complete focus wearing tight, black clothing placed in a position that seems unnatural to the eye. Around her, using a white light that seems light blue at some points, Patrick Rochon followed the outline of the model’s body partly and then drew the light across part of her face and body in a wispy looking way. To the left of the model, a bright yellow colour accumulated of lines of light is placed in such a way that could suggest shadow; however parts of the yellow colour has been drawn across the model and her clothing suggesting otherwise. To the right of the model, lines of red and yellow seem to of been drawn coming from behind the model which contrasts the dark purple area that lies just beyond them. To the left of the photograph, golden yellow spherical shapes are dotted about with some having an outer glow to them, contrasting the dark purple and the red/purple colours behind them.

As far as I know through the research I have done, this photograph and the others within this collection (SUPERNOVAE – Fashion Through the Eye of Light), were created for a fashion shoot to use in a commercial version of light painting for a fashion client. Part of the title for this collection being ‘SUPERNOVAE’ could suggest the reason for the choices of colour in this photograph, all of them being hot fiery colours except for the dark purples. Simply, the reds, oranges and yellows could represent the different heat within fire, the purple could represent the aftermath of fire i.e. the burnt edges of the photograph as the fire leaves that area; and the white light surrounding the model and her skin could represent the hottest part of the fire, possibly even the source of the fire, leaving her clothes black – burnt. Another interpretation of this photograph could be that of emotions. The model herself, on the outside seemingly cool and relaxed represented through the use of white light surrounding her and the fact her face is turned to the side, suggesting deep thought. However, on the inside, a flood of emotions being both hot and cold, but mostly intense passion that could be the emotions within and surrounding either love or anger or both. The reds, oranges and yellows being the ‘fiery’ passion of an emotion or several; and the darker patches of purple representing the harder emotion spectrum of either hate or hurt or a mixture of both.

I really like this photograph as I think the light painting itself is extraordinarily beautiful and highlights the model perfectly. The whole photograph has been created in such a way that nothing seems or feels out of place. The model is connected to the light as some of it seems to be faded across her but she is still easily the centre of attention in the photograph. The warm colours in the photograph make it feel more inviting to the eye and as you look closer at the photograph, the various coloured lights around the photograph make it that more magical.

This is a video of Patrick Rochon's SUPERNOVAE – Fashion Through the Eye of Light:

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