Monday, 6 February 2012

Still Life - Photo Album

In order for me to achieve my desired effect when I was taking the photographs of an empty photo album I recently acquired, I had to wait until it was dark outside to that I could use my torch to create bright light and sharp, dark, contrasting shadows. This type of lighting used in photography is known as hard light; and as I was using a torch for the light source, these photographs also fall under torch light photography.

I positioned the torch to the left of the open book so that the light fell onto more pages to the left causing a slight gradual fade into shadow and then a sharp drop of complete darkness. I edited this image so that the photograph was black and white as I think it makes the image 'crisper'.
I directed the torch light from the same level as the bottom surface, directly onto the  tips of the pages, leaving the top of the photo album in shadow.
This was the original photograph I had taken of the cover, however I thought it would look more appealing in black and white as you would be able to see the light and the dark contrast a lot more.

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