Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Response To Rankin Destroy Using Adobe Photoshop

Like before, I used photographs that I had taken of myself and experimented with them after looking at Rankin's work. However, this time I decided to edit my photographs on Adobe Photoshop to see what different effects could be achieved. For me, using the macs to edit my photograph took me longer than it did when I was painting onto a photograph or ripping it up.
 With this image, I played around with the hues of the image to make it look almost black and white with hints of brown seeping through. I then coped the image of the swirls into a separate Photoshop tab, used the magic wand tool to remove the white background that was on the image. I copied the swirls into the document where my photograph was in and added the swirls to the stamp tool. This allowed me to use the swirls like a pre-set stamp that are already loaded on Photoshop. Once I placed one, I rotated the other so that it matched the other swirl image like a mirror.
I firstly selected a pre-set stamp and changed the colour of it to a pale blue colour. I then clicked on 'Filters' so that I had a drop down of options to choose from. Once I had played around for a little while, I decided on choosing an effect from the 'artistic' section which was 'cartoon'. I played around with the settings so that I looked a little less real. I changed the contrast of the image also, so that the image seemed more vibrant. 
Just like the first photograph, I copied the image of the pocket watch into Photoshop and edited it so that the background could not be seen. Once I had added the clock to the stamp tool, I played around with the blending effects so that one clock looked darker than the other one. I then chose a pre-set stamp which is that of leaves as I though it would add a nice effect next to the pocket watches. I finally chose a pen tool that had a broken stroke and changed the colour to a faded red to add some colour to the image.

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