Friday, 4 May 2012

Photographs of London Crowds

When I was in London Victoria Train Station, I decided to take pictures of crowds as they are encountering eachother. Looking at my photographs, they didn't seem very interesting to me so I decided to upload them onto photoshop and edit them. I put the original photograph before each experiment so you can see the difference the editing made.

I uploaded my photograph on to Adobe Photoshop so that I could easily edit it. I firstly edited the contrast of the photograph so that there was some more hard light. I then clicked on 'Filters' and clicked on 'Glowing Edges'. After playing around with the adjustments, I was happy with the way my image looked and applied it to the photograph.

I wanted to try out a different technique on Adobe Photoshop so I clicked on 'Filters' again, but this time I chose to use 'Stamp'. This made the image black and white, and very simplistic. I played around with the adjustments so that I retained some detail of my photograph and finally, edited the hue so that it didn't remain black and white.

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