Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Response To Rankin Destroy

After looking at Rankin's work and analysing one of his photographs, I decided to experiment with the idea of taking a photograph and 'destroying' it. I took some pictures of myself using a mac webcam and did face expressions that showed different emotions. By me doing this, it helped me come up with ideas for how I was going to 'destroy' my photographs.

 I decided to rip this image up and put it back together with gaps in-between the pieces to show the feeling of being broken. By covering my face with my hands, it allowed me to come up with that idea as usually the first thing people would think if they saw someone covering their face is that they were crying.
 This image is filled with joint emotions. On one hand it could look like blood is spurting from my mouth and head, but what the true meaning I wanted to portray was that of a memory. The red from the lips shows wearing lipstick the night before and the bronze/red colour from the hair is the blurred memory of the hair flowing about whilst dancing.
 It is quite clear when first looking at this image that the feeling is of fear. I cut a zigzag in my photograph in the middle so that when I placed it down on the painted paper, it looked like I had cracked in half. I did this represent what fear does to people, whether from a nightmare or reality.
The emotion in this photograph is that of confusion, stress, sadness and other negative emotions that can have a negative impact on a person. The erratic scribbling that I did in permanent marker represents the thought process when the mind is in a bad place. I created leaking blues and greens in the background to help build an atmosphere for the picture as blue is often seen as a 'cold colour'.

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