Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bill Brandt Analysis

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Bill Brandt was the fist 20th century, British photographer to be commemorated with a coveted blue plaque (a scheme that brings attention to where distinguished men or women had lived). By looking at his work as a whole, it was seen as the most varied and vivid documents of Great Britain.

When first looking at this photograph, it is clear it is of a naked person in a pose which covers all of what is seen as 'inappropriate areas'. It is hard to determine whether this model is a woman or a man as the face is covered and the hair not easily seen. The setting of the photograph was taken inside, perhaps in a house, flat or even a hotel. After looking at the image for a while, it becomes clear that this photograph was taken at an angle looking slightly upwards. The body itself looks straight yet the background looks as if it is on a slant.

I could not find a meaning for this photographer. However, as the sex of the model is undetermined, I can't help but feel that Brandt wanted to portray a meaning through this. What is usually seen as beauty is covered e.g. the face, hair, torso and even the hands. A meaning could be put to this image that too much attention and judgement is given to the outside beauty opposed to inner beauty and personality of a person.

I personally really like this photograph as it captures the beauty of the human body without making it sexual. The fact that you can see every goose bump on the model's legs at to the 'realness' of the whole image.

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