Thursday, 15 November 2012

Leonard Nimoy Analysis

Leonard Nimoy is most well known from his acting career when he played the character, Mr. Spock in Star Trek. Alongside this he has been a director, philanthropist, and a photographer. In the early 1940s, using the family bathroom as a darkroom, Nimoy began to take photographs. From there, his fascination with photography grew.

This photograph was in the Nudes/Dance series. I was not able to find the name of this photograph. In this image, it is clear that the women in the centre of the image is naked. What looks like fairy lights have been wrapped around her body which illuminates her body in a very interesting and different way (opposed to just one light source). The negative space behind and around the women is black and even the lights on her body have not lightened the background which would suggest that the material or wall is black or very dark when taking the photograph. 

I was not able to find a meaning for this photograph. My initial thought is that because the model was posing with the light source, perhaps the meaning behind the photograph was that everyone has their own light within them, we just have to choose to hold it up and show it. I feel that this image might have a connection with light v.s. darkness. Without one you cannot have the other but as they both coincide, there is a constant battle between the two. Day and night, and internal battles people have themselves. Whether it is just a decision between an unhealthy meal or healthy one, or a decision to hit someone or walk away. 

I really like this photograph as I have not seen a photograph where the light source is being held by the model. I think this adds a really nice effect to the photograph, and the black background helps to make the image seem more dramatic.

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