Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jasper Johal Analysis

"Whether shooting a small piece of jewelry for Energy Muse, or the spacious award winning Jai House for architect Lorcan O'Herlihy, what I am really shooting is light. Light is this beautiful living thing. It wraps, it plays, it suffuses, it cascades. I am self taught, and as I worked on my craft over the years, I never focused on shooting the object. Instead, I focused on capturing the beauty of light as it played around the object, often through the object, sometimes underneath the object. Light dances, and as a photographer I become its dance partner."
Jasper Johal, who lives in California, is the leading photographer for the yoga industry, yet still produces a range of photographs that are used commercially. He has produced photographs for over forty movies posters and video covers. Johal's photographs have been used in the music industry, they have been published on 'Architectural Record' magazine and he has photographed the culinary creations of the world.

This photograph was found on Johal's website within the 'Nudes' category. You can see instantly when looking at the image that the focus of the photograph is the woman stretching and arching her back. She is completely naked except for an anklet on each foot and a ring on her thumb (the supporting hand). The background behind the model is a plain one which gives the photograph a soft touch although the model is in a powerful position.

I found no meaning to this photograph, but my initial thought was that the theme in this photograph was strength. The physical strength of the woman can be seen in the stance / stretch she is in along with the definition of her body. Although there is no extremely huge muscles on her, her body is toned which show exercise and muscle strength training. For her to of taken on this position, perhaps the image shows that she is strong minded as well as strong in a physical sense. She is not worried about people looking at this photograph, nor worried about people judging her. The meaning behind this photograph may be trying to encourage people to be less worried about other people judging them, being yourself even if people do stare. This image could also be a statement about the natural, healthy body. No make up, no body shape changing clothes. Natural hair. My last thought about the meaning of this photograph is that maybe it is suggesting that people shouldn't let themselves be shaped by society, you should shape yourself.

I really like this photograph as it shows the natural beauty of the human body. It shows strength, flexibility and even a love for her personal health. The plain background and floor help add delicateness to the whole image.

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