Friday, 16 November 2012

Jane Deschner Analysis
"The quotes and symbols I began embroidering into the photos in 2007 gave me a 
chance to moralize, in sampler-esque form, on some of the thoughts and lessons my maternal self needed 
to share—accountability, acceptance, love, honesty, compassion, integrity, gratitude and generosity."
For thirty years, Jane Deschner has created many photomontages from found images within magazines. For almost a decade, Deschner has collected and altered early to mid Twentieth Century snapshots, portraits, news photographs and movie stills.

When first looking at this image it looks as if the photographs have been sown onto a t-shirt. The images consist of a range of photographs of family and friend group pictures, individuals young and old and the occasional horse and / or car. The photographs are of different colours, the majority of them are black and white prints whilst a few others are sepia coloured. When looking closer at the image, it looks as if the photographs have been sown together to create a t-shirt instead of being sown on a t-shirt. However, there are slight folds at some of the edges which would suggest a piece of material underneath the images. White thread was used to attach the photographs. The sticking is simple helping to keep the focus on the photographs.

I think that this piece of work is definitely about love, whether it is that of family or friends. Life is also a theme as there are photographs of young children and old adults. I think the meaning behind this whole piece is to cherish those close to you and those moments that you wish could last forever but can only be captured in a photograph. Another idea that popped into my head is that is that if someone was to wear that top, they would be wearing their memories and even sharing them as passers by would be able to the images. Perhaps the meaning behind this is to not only remember the past but to visualise it, see it as simply as it was and live your life with love and make even more memories.

I like this piece of Jane Deschner's work, it shows a lot of sentimental feelings as each of the photographs would have a different story behind them. I would prefer it more if it there was more sepia photographs attached or it was completely filled with black and white photographs. Overall I think it is a lovely way to present photographs, especially if they are personal to the person.

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