Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Analysis of Anna Schuleit

After graduating in 1998, Anne Schuleit worked on installations at an abandoned hospital and for the closing down of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center. From there she became a visiting artist at a psychiatric institution in Westborough, which eventually phased out and ended in a closure. She studied painting and then went on to a master's  degree in creative writing / book arts at Dartmouth.

In these photographs, you can see that the whole floor of the corridors are covered with flowers. The corridors are all long and narrow, and in these three images the walls are plain and bare of decoration meaning all focus is on the flowers on the floor. In each photograph, the flowers are the same species in each of the individual corridors.

My initial thoughts of why Schuleit did these pieces, was to create a brightness in those dull corridors by decorating them with nature. I believe there to be definite links to rivers or oceans as all of the images remind me of calm water, due to the still flower bed. It also shows by adding a little bit of nature to a place that had none, makes the area seem a lot brighter and even possibly happier.

I really like Anna Schuleit's work as I imagine the smell of all those flowers in a corridor like those must smell so intense... I like to imagine so much so that maybe some of your other senses are numbed. 

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