Monday, 25 February 2013

Analysis of Pierre Cordier

Georges à la casquette imite Pierre Brasseur, Bruxelles, 1955
Pierre Cordier was born in 1933 in Brussels, Belgium. He is well known for the Chemigram which is a method of creating art with light sensitive paper. Like a photogram, the chemigram is created without a camera, but instead of being in full darkness, it is created in full light. 

In this photograph you can see a well wrapped up man standing in front of what looks like a wooden door with a cigarette in his mouth. He is wearing an old fashioned hat that is usually connected to that of farmers or those who may not be living in a city. His scarf is checked and judging by the shades of grey I assume it has various colours on it. His coat is plain yet looks like it has been made from a thick fabric. Although his hair looks a little wispy, his moustache looks neat and well maintained. Th cigarette in his mouth looks thicker than those of today.

I feel that the meaning behind this photograph is to show this man's routine before he goes out, whether that be to work, to see family or friends, or even for just a walk. I believe it captured a hard working man, a face that has been weathered by the elements yet is still strong and still works. The cigarette could symbolise that he is taking a break, relaxing before he goes to work or treating himself.

I rather like this photograph as it feels like a photograph of what this man does everyday yet because it has been captured in an image, the feeling changes and makes it seem sentimental in a way. I'm sure most could resemble a picture like this to those of old relatives both living and those past. This image has a sense of sentimental value that I don't believe is shown much through the photographic imagery that is being produced today.

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  1. You need to re-do this relating to the correct Pierre Cordier images I showed you in class.