Monday, 25 February 2013

Analysis of Roxanne Worthington

The Letter, 2008
Roxanne Worthington owns a studio and has been teaching photography classes for a few years now. She fell in love with photography the first night she spent in a dark room, printing a roll of black and white film. Worthington has had her work shown both nationally (CA) and internationally.

This photograph, The Letter, 2008, was in the 'And So to Dream' series of images. In this photograph you can see a mug and an open envelope with something inside, presumably a letter. It looks like both the mug and envelope are situated on a brown surface, possibly wood. In the background of the image it looks like there is a type of shojji screen. There is a strong contrast between the shadows and the light which due to the lines, suggests it is coming through a window with blinds. 

I think that the meaning of this image ties in with the simplicity of the layout. From looking at the photograph I get a strong sense of a comfortable life. Not a lot of money but not poor, enough money to relax every now and then with a cup of tea or coffee whilst reading a letter. This image creates and reminds me of sentimental memories. Not of a specific day or event but the 'simple' things in life. That drink from you favourite mug or a message from someone close to you. This photograph definitely screams sentimental value.

I love this image for simplicity of it all. It reminds me of those mornings in autumn or winter where you have just made a cup of a warm drink and the post has just arrived. Although the photograph has captured a very simple, almost day to day scene, it emits a sense of calm and the feeling of home.

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