Thursday, 5 July 2012

Markus Kisson inspired Pop-up Photographs

Markus Kisson 'Dissected Polaroids' 
I have never been a fan of pop-up images, and I was mainly attracted to Markus Kisson's work as they were made from polaroids, which are hard to come by these days. However, after looking at the image for a while, I began to really like the 3D effect that was obtained. By Kisson making his images like this, it adds a sense of realness to it, as photographs capture the 3D world and replicate it in 2D. So, by Kisson using this technique it adds backs a sense of dimension.

From looking at Markus Kisson's pop-up photographs, I felt inspired to try and create my own version of a 3D image from one of my photographs. I started off by printing one of my digital photographs onto A3 paper as I thought that the larger the image, the easier it would be to cut out and also it would have more of an impact when looking at it. Once I had the A3 image in front of me, I spent a few minutes looking at the image, working out where I was going to make the first crease. I decided to make it at the base of the two trees in the foreground. I lightly folded the paper and then cut along the outside of the tree trunks, being careful to not completely cut through to the edge of the paper so that I was able to fold the parts that I had cut. I bent the trunks at the bottom to make them come forward, and then I also bent the tops of the two trees I had cut to bring them forward also. If I was to do pop-up images again, I would stick black card behind the image so that the cuts outs would be more defined.

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  1. Hi Imogen, Unfortunately your AS-A2 work is not completed yet. This is part of your AS-A2 project. You will have until 4:00pm today to update this otherwise your grade will remain the same on your PLP.