Monday, 16 July 2012

Veronika Pinke Analysis

I was unable to find information on Veronika Pinke as her website was in German and I was not able to translate it.

The most striking, and eye-catching part of this photograph is the bright orange / golden yellow sun in the distance which could either be setting or rising. Above the sun the sky is a delicate lilac colour and gently fades into the grey sky underneath the sun. In the foreground of the image, trees and branches are silhouetted against the sky, covered in snow. It looks as if the snow has been untouched by animals or humans which would suggest that the snow had recently fallen opposed to being there for a while. The warm colours of the sun contrast the snow and dark bark of the trees. 

I couldn't find a meaning for this photograph and when first looking at the image I struggled to think of a meaning behind it. To me, usually most landscapes are purely taken to capture the moment and to give permanence to an ever-changing world. That in itself could be the meaning behind the photograph, to capture an ever-changing world. The fact that the photograph was taken whilst the sun was either rising or setting could possibly show hope. It shows the start of a new day. On the other hand, it could show the end of a day. This could represent rest.

I personally really like this photograph as I think it captures the beauty of winter. I feel that so many people disregard winter as a cold, dead and unhappy season. Photographs like this when the sun has been captured in it's warmth help to remind us that life isn't dead during

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