Thursday, 5 July 2012

Norm Magnusson inspired 'Decorated Nature'

This is one of Norm Magnusson's 'Decorated Nature' pieces of work. In order to create his images, he painted on various natural objects such as leaves, rocks and pine cones; and then takes a picture of what he has accomplished. I really like the image below because when you look at photographs you expect to see pristine definition of the subject matter, in this case the leaves; so when I looked at this image, I really liked the square pattern he had painted on the leaf as it looks like the leaf itself has been pixelated yet the rest of the leaf are in focus.

From looking at Norm Magnusson's work, I was inspired to take some photographs similar to his. I painted pine cones and leaves various colours and combinations and went about the college grounds and placed them how I thought was fitting and took a photograph of the arrangement. I enjoyed doing this experimentation as I found it calm yet creative to physically paint onto nature and place it with non painted life.

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