Sunday, 8 July 2012

Amy Friend experiment

I really like Amy Friend's work as the pin holes in her images help to highlight specific areas that were possibly not as obvious beforehand. Along with highlighting areas, I think that the pin holes add a 'magical' effect to the image, as the light seems to almost sparkle through the holes. What stood out the most when looking at all the photographs within this series, was that all of the photographs were 'vintage'. A combination of black and white photographs and sepia photographs, but no coloured photographs.

From looking at Amy Friend's work, I felt inspired to try the pin hole technique on one of my prints. Before I started, I knew that my experiment would give a different effect as I was going to be using a colour print rather than a black and white one or sepia coloured one. To start off with, I was undecided about where I was going to make the pin holes on my image as there was not a specific plant I wanted to highlight. After a while I decided to make the pin holes on the lightest parts of the image as I thought it would look more natural for the holes to be there. I do like the effect I have created however I think that it draws the attention away from the whole photograph of the overgrown ferns and centralises it to the pin holes around the centre of the image. In this case, the pin holes have disrupted the image rather than help highlight specific parts.

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