Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jamie Beck inspired animated Gifs

From looking at Jamie Beck's animated gifs, I felt inspired to try and create my own gifs. I started by getting photographs of people's different facial expressions by setting my digital camera to take three photographs after the other. To create the longer gifs, I had to ask my models to stay absolutely still whilst I reset my camera. 
Once I had taken the photographs, I uploaded them to a mac. I then dragged the each set of images into Adobe Photoshop; one image per layer. Then, along the top tool bar I clicked 'Windows' followed by 'Animation'. This makes a box appear at the bottom of the screen with the image that is on layer one appear. At the bottom of the animation box, I then clicked 'duplicate this layer' so that the image was doubled. I 'hid' the first layer by clicking on the eye next to the image (on the layer box), so that the following layer could be seen. I did this until all of the images could be seen in my animation box. I then selected all of the boxes in my animation box and selected 0.25 seconds as the time between each image. Finally, I clicked on the replication selector and clicked 'forever' so that the gifs will continuously move. 
If I was to do these again, I would definitely use a tripod to keep my camera still.

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