Thursday, 5 July 2012

'Out Of Focus' Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

Unfortunately, on the day that I decided to go up to London to look at the Saatchi Gallery, they were holding a private viewing so I was not able to go inside to see the exhibition. As I did not have another day free to go back up to the gallery, I looked on their website to look at the online gallery of images in the 'Out Of Focus' exhibition and chose two that caught my eye the most.

Noémie Goudal 
Les Amants (Cascade)

C-type, lightjet print
168 x 210 cm
When first looking at this photograph, I thought it was manipulated on a software, but when enlarging the image I realised that Noémie Goudal had actually placed that fabric across that woodland area to make it look like a waterfall. I really like the whole composition of the image, especially the fallen trunk in front of the fabric waterfall as it reminds me of when I was younger and would think the fallen trunks were bridges across the water. I think this photograph is very creative as Goudal had to make the fabric look like a waterfall by, I'm assuming, hanging wires for the cloth to sit on at the top of the fall and draping it across the surroundings for the rest of it. Without realising, what Goudal might of done is found a place where a waterfall used to be and then draped the fabric down the land.

 Matthew Day Jackson

The Lower 48 - Wyoming

48 C-prints
Each: 39 x 56 cm Overall: 312 x 336 cm
I was captured by this image from the strong colour of green that is on the side of those huge rocks. It reminds me of something you would read in a fantasy book where the world is that little bit more magic. From just looking at the rocks, I am guessing that the green colour is moss growing on the side of the rocks which possibly suggests that it is quite damp there. As both the rocks seen in the image are quite close together, it looks like not much wind would pass between them as in the background there are trees making this place quite sheltered, meaning that if rained on, the rocks would take longer to dry. It is hard to tell if this place is close to civilization or not as there are no traces of humans captured in the photograph. Personally, I think that adds a 'magical' quality to the photograph as I have never been up close to rocks that are fully covered in moss.

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