Thursday, 5 July 2012

Adam Burton Analysis

Since 2008, Adam Burton has been working as a full time photographer, taking images of landscapes and undertaking commissions from a range of clients. He has written five books and has photographed five continents. Burton specializes in landscapes within the United Kingdom, particularly those in Southwest England, and is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers.

This photograph is titled ‘A Winter’s Drive’ which clearly shows that this image was captured in winter when snow was about. In the centre of the image, although it is partly covered with snow, a road can be seen stretching off into the distance. As it seems quite flat, I assume it is a concrete road rather than a path through the country side. Also as the word ‘drive’ has been used in the title of the photograph, it suggests that the road is built for some means of transport and in this day and age, it is most likely concrete / tarmac. To either side of the road, trees can be seen which follow parallel to the road itself. There are no leaves on the trees which tells me that they are not ‘evergreens’ (trees and shrubs that do not lose their leaves during the months of winter). A warm yellow light has been captured being reflected off of the snow’s surface suggesting that it is early morning as the parts of the sky that can be seen through the tree’s branches look like they are becoming brighter. No vehicles are on the road which could imply two things; one being that this is in a remote area so not many people drive through this road, two being that the road is too icy to drive on. If you look closely, you can see tire marks on the snow that is on the road but they are quite faint which could suggest that it had snowed since that car had driven down there.
I was not able to find a meaning for this photograph, but when first looking at it, it reminds me of a ‘Seasons Greetings’ card that would usually be received around December some time as it has the typical ‘Christmas things’; snow, bare trees and strong sun. Due to the title of the image, perhaps the meaning behind this photograph is that even though it is harder to get down the road because of the snow and ice, it may be much more rewarding, the reward being the sun shine across the snow perhaps. With many photographs of trees, I get a sense of strength from them as they have stood there for many years and prospered with life. I think this is a meaning shown through this photograph especially because of the snow as it is showing another hardship that those trees have survived through.
I love this image as the subtle hues coming from the sun, reflecting on the snow bring a lovely quality of warmth to the image which is hard to find in photographs involving snow. The trees are also highlighted beautifully in this photograph as the snow can be seen lining their branches and captured some of the morning light also. Although there is the presence of civilization in this image shown by the road, it is nicely overpowered by the trees presenting the beauty of nature in a calm, not forceful way.

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