Monday, 16 July 2012

Alex Saberi Analysis

One of his photographs from his Richmond Park collection.
Alex Saberi started taking photographs in 2005 when he bought his first Digital SLR camera. He has won various photography competitions including several worldwide online competitions and the Environmental Protection Agency's wildlife competition; also he has been awarded second landscape photographer of the year. This year, Alex Saberi has appeared more in the national press with his Year in Richmond Park collection. Subsequently, he has a book published called Richmond Park with photographs of his year well spent in Richmond Park.

I was unable to find the name of this photograph, but I found it within Alex Saberi's Richmond Park collection. The first thing you see when you look at the photograph is the stag with his mouth open. Around him you can see the breath that he had emitted. From this you can tell that the weather is cold, not only for humans but for deer too. The sunlight played a key part in making this photograph magical. First, the sun highlights the stag's breathe around him; almost making it seem that there is golden smoke around him. Secondly, the sun is gently filtering through the trees, illuminating both the grass and the sides of tree trunks. Alex Saberi has taken this photograph by facing into the sun, not directly but the sun was not behind him as the tree in the foreground is silhouetted against the lit up ground. Even the stag is partially silhouetted as the sun is coming from behind the side that we see. Due to being able to see the stag's breath, I would say that this photograph was taken in the early morning as their is still humidity in the air.

It can sometimes be hard interpreting wildlife photography as it is usually used to capture the beauty of the animal or plant, not necessarily to create a meaning. From looking at this photograph, I think one thing that comes across, whether intensionally or not, is the sense of calm being emitted. It seems as if Alex Saberi took this photograph whilst the stag was in the middle of his 'morning routine'. Also, even though it looks like his mouth is just open, by the posture of his shoulders and neck, and the amount of breathe around him suggests that he was making a calling sign / warning other stags away. This definitely shows the communication that deers have between one another. This adds a sense of humanity to the stag in this photograph. Also by seeing the breath, I think this will remind those that animals are living beings too and not just something to eat. Although the stag may be calling to others, as he is by himself, a lonely feeling comes from the photograph after looking at it for longer. The mist in the background of the image aids to the sense of loneliness as it limits what you can see in the distance, making it harder for the stag to find other deers.

I really like this photograph as so much more than just the stag has been caught in the image. You can see his breath in the light, the grass beneath his feet and the trees by his side. In a way, to me it shows the stag's unity with the life around him. Not damaging it, but living with it peacefully. Something that is limited in this world that we live in. Which, in a way is why I find this image so magical.

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