Thursday, 5 July 2012

Geraldine Georges Collage and Illustration - Photoshop made

When looking at Geraldine Georges' work, I immediately thought that her worked was either linked to the fashion industry or was a personal interest of hers. By looking at her website it is clear that she has done the covers for a number of magazines, designed the images for a pack of cards, advertised the drink 'Schweppes' and created logos for various businesses, one being L'oreal. Something that I think stands out the most about her work is that Geraldine Georges is able to adapt her work to other things such as the pack of cards, but still have the aspects which enables people to recognise her work.

 In order for me to create work similar to that of Geraldine Georges, I first started off by taking photographs against a plain, pale wall as I noticed that most of her work was done with very plain backgrounds. When uploading my photographs to Adobe Photoshop, it was quite simple to adjust the background as I had not taken a picture with a patterned wall. By using the 'magic wand tool', I began to select the parts of my photograph that I wanted to delete or move. Once I was past removing and moving aspects of my photograph, I then went on to changing the filter. As only my model was left on the document, by changing the filter on the image I changed the texture of the whole image and then adjusted the contrast and hue. The next step was then different for each image that I edited as I began to play with the various tools in photoshop. On both images I used the 'ellipse tool' to create a circle which I then filled in black. The most common tool I used was the the 'brush tool' as I was able to manipulate the opacity, size of the brush, shape and colour of the brush. I rather enjoyed creating these collaged images on photoshop however, the process was quite a long one as I wasn't definite on what I wanted to do along with not being completely confident on using some of the photoshop tools.

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