Thursday, 5 July 2012

Abigail Reynolds inspired paper cutting photographs

By looking at Abigail Reynolds images, I was inspired to try out her technique. I chose a colourful sunset and a photograph of a city in black and white; both taken from Google images. I decided to use one colourful image and one black and white image so that when one is placed on top of the other, the images contrast each other.
 I started by measuring out 1cm squares across the image of the city. Before I did anything else I stuck a piece of black paper to the back of the city image. Then, I drew on the squares that I wanted to cut; some fully whilst others only half. Once I was happy with what I had drawn, using a craft knife and a metal ruler I cut into the paper on the lines I had drawn within the squares.
This is my experiment. I did not cut out as many squares as I could of as I wanted the whole image to link in together. The smoke on the city image hides most of the lower part of the image thus me not wanting to show too much of the sunset behind this image.

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