Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Steve Gettle Analysis

'Brotherly Love'
For over 25 years, Steve Gettle has been taking photographs of the natural world around us. His images have been exhibited in galleries across the world and has received many awards for his photographs.

In this photographs, two fox cubs can be seen alongside each other. One lying down, trying to nip the other cub whilst he stays there looking into the distance. It looks like the foxes are at the top of a hill with varies bushes and trees in the background. It is hard to determine the time of day this photograph was taken as there is no shadows that would suggest a time and also there is no visible sky in the photograph.

I couldn't find a meaning to this photograph and I struggle to come up with ones when they involve wildlife as I feel that they are captured purely to show the beauty in nature. However, as the photograph has been titled 'Brotherly Love' I would assume that these cubs are from the same litter. Perhaps Gettle's meaning behind the photograph was to show that animals such as foxes have a caring, loving nature to them unlike what some people would think. Also I feel that this image could be very powerful when the debate of whether foxes should still be hunted in conversation. This image shows that by killing one fox, you could be destroying other foxs' lives; for example, if their mother was shot, it would become very difficult for the cubs to be raised as they are still quite young in the photograph.

I love this photograph as it captures the innocence of the two cubs. I am a bit biased when it comes to photographs of animals as more likely than not I will love the photograph. Due to there being no shadows in the photograph it adds a sense of time frozen in place, which gives that magical sort of feeling.

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