Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jan Von Holleben inspired Giant Scene

This image was created for the series 'dreams of flying' which was a project in which he re-created scenes from movies, children's books and his imagination.
I think his way of working is good as it allows people to get involved in his art, feel a part of it and then see the final outcome. These images are likely to hold more meaning for those involved in the photograph rather than various onlookers who did not take part. 

For example, when I took part in making the giant scene below, it was very exciting to see the various images taken of it as it showed the success of the ours ideas. Comparing this to looking at Holleben's work, I was much more excited to see the images taken of the giant scene I was in as I felt a sense of achievement.

From looking at Jan Von Holleben's work, my peers and I were inspired to create a giant scene of our own. We used two darkroom curtains to put on the floor as our background which was acting a night sky. Stars were cut out to help show that it was a night sky, the tamborine was used for the moon and 'z's were cut out and used to show that the four people at the bottom of the scene were sleeping, and thus making the 'sky' above a dream. We added more instruments to the sky to add a weirder feel to it as not all dreams have 'normal' things in them. Also, cotton wool was used to create clouds in the sky. The masks were added again to add a weird feel to the whole image, almost menacing in fact.

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