Monday, 9 July 2012

Greg Sand experiment

I looked at Greg Sand's series called 'Remnants'. All the images within this series were made up from weaving three different images at different stages of the person's life together; coloured paper, black and white paper and material with the image printed on. I really like the concept of the images as they represent the life of someone who has passed on at three different times in their life. I feel that this is a good representation of the person's life as its not an image from one time in their life.
From looking at Greg Sand's work, I wanted to try to weave one of my photographs. I photocopied the original photograph onto ordinary paper, one in colour and the other in black and white. I then measured 1cm horizontal lines across the back of one of them, then took the other photograph and measured 1cm lines again but this time vertically. I cut along the lines on both images making sure not to cut through the end so that the strips were still attached at one end of the paper. I then started the laborious task of merging the two images together by weaving. To do this, I kept to the simple rule of under and over and then alternated this for the strip below. I feel that my image does not create the same effect as my original image was of a  reflection of trees in a pond rather than a person.

Original image
Weaved image

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